2006 Durham/ UNH Pool Agreement
A contract between the town and the university about the use and operation of the pool

Formal Closure Announcement 11/1/13
A letter from UNH Vice President Rubinstein confirming the university’s decision not to reopen the pool

Pool Working Group 11/5/13
Minutes from the recently established committee, consisting of town councilors, residents, and university officials

UNH Pool Individual Inventory Form by New Hampshire DHR
Documentation by the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources regarding the pool’s history and significance

Town Council Resolution
A resolution formally asking the university to open the pool in 2014, and to maintain its historic form as much as possible.

Town Administrator’s Response 12/4
A letter from Todd Selig to UNH Vice President Rubinstein urging the university to honor its contract and reconsider its decision.


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