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Friends of the UNH Outdoor Pool Organizational Meeting

Members of the Durham-UNH community have organized a group, the Friends of the UNH Outdoor Pool (FUNHOP), with the goal of working with the Town of Durham as well as the University of New Hampshire in order to preserve this historic and highly utilized facility.

Community members interested in participating in this effort are invited to attend an organizational meeting on Wednesday, July 31st at 7:30 P.M. at the new Durham Town Library at 49 Madbury Road.

At this meeting, people will be brought up to date with matters that pertain to the UNH Outdoor Pool by community members and plans will be discussed to work toward the continued preservation of the pool, as well ideas for enhancing it.

Organizers Kenny Rotner, Dudley Dudley, and others invite community members to learn more about FUNHOP on Facebook, sign a petition in support of preserving the pool, and contact FUNHOP through its website.


Petition to preserve the outdoor pool

We have over 500 names already!!

To add your name, cut and paste into your browser:

Dear UNH President Huddleston, UNH Vice President Rubenstein, Town Council Chair Gooze and Durham Town Administrator Selig:

We the undersigned urge you to take immediate steps to insure the preservation and continuing operation of the UNH/Durham outdoor pool.

For generations, UNH students, faculty, staff and the residents of Durham have enjoyed the outdoor pool at UNH.  The pool is a precious part of what makes Durham a viable town/gown community and one of the few “perks” that Durham receives in exchange for having its largest landowner – UNH – pay no property taxes to the town.  UNH must preserve and not shrink or close the pool to expand Snively Arena, as it is threatening to do.

The pool is an actively managed, fenced pool; water quality tests are made on a regular basis and the pool regularly passes.  The pool is more than a place for exercise – it is a place for building community; generations of mothers – some who are professors, and some who are stay-at-home moms – have sat on the stone wall keeping watch other their children and talking with other parents.  Many friends have been made there; many alliances between faculty and towns-people have been formed at the pool.

The pool plays an important role in the life of UNH and the Town of Durham.  PRESERVE AND SAVE THE POOL!

Petition for UNH Affiliates

The Petition

We are UNH faculty, staff, students and alumni who believe that the historic outdoor pool must be preserved and improved. We are opposed to the proposed destruction of this pool and believe that such a move will hurt the community and damage fragile town-gown relations.

Destroying the outdoor pool would rend a tear in this community of children, adults, and students who flock to the pool for recreation and refreshment in summer. We, the undersigned, are members of the UNH community who care deeply about both “town” and “gown.” The pool is central to our wellbeing on campus, to our quality of life, and that of our children.

The current configuration of the pool must be retained; its unique historic value is in line with New England’s heritage culture. Its classic WPA-era structure is a masterpiece of form and function. If the pool is changed in any major way, such as moved or reduced in size, the resulting swimming area will be inadequate, shaded, and soulless. Rather than destroy the outdoor pool, we encourage the University to work together with the Town of Durham to find technological solutions as needed and retain the historic structure. Leave the outdoor pool for generations to enjoy.

To add your signature: